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ESOMAR Congress tips

RW Connect - 2018. September 19., Wednesday
ESOMAR Congress tips

Jaakko Roponen

A while ago ESOMAR asked me to blog about their oncoming Congress in Berlin. Being just about within the age limit of young professionals, which is 35, in case anyone wonders, and having worked for ten years in this industry, they felt I might have something to give. Especially to all other young professionals, who are not able to make it to the event.

I decided that I write three blogs about the event. Now, during, and after the event. I will try to write tips or ideas that can be used to help solve real life business problems. I have attended ESOMAR events a few times before, including the Summer Academy. Both times in the academy, I have gained new knowledge, which has changed the way we do things in my company.

I work as production executive in TAK, a Finland based market research company. During my daily work, we try to build automated processes to handle all incoming and outgoing data streams. There are multiple advantages, as it speeds up the process of delivering reports, and releases resources, mainly researchers time, to be used in other projects at the same time. Their tasks move, more and more, from crunching the data, to adding the human touch on top of the pre-processed data.

This is the process that I try to improve, and for which I look for new ways to get things done during the event. So, I will be attending presentations covering data automation, new research methods, web technologies, etc. Just about anything that I feel would help us develop our business. And these are the things I want to share with you in this short series of blogs.

It is my first time attending Congress, so it will be new for me as well. I’ll write the second blog during the event and tell more about what’s going on. What kind of presentations I have found that support the ideas I described, and what is the general feeling of the event. In the last blog I’ll write you what things we have changed this time based on the things learned during the Congress event. I trust there will be some.

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5 Reasons I’m Excited For ESOMAR Global Congress

RW Connect - 2018. September 19., Wednesday
5 Reasons I’m Excited For ESOMAR Global Congress

5 reasons you should be excited for the forthcoming ESOMAR Congress!

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Is the Future of Conversation User Generated?

RW Connect - 2018. September 18., Tuesday
Is the Future of Conversation User Generated?

A look at why user generated content should be considered in the insight process.

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Why run for Council – Interview with Anne-Sophie Damelincourt

RW Connect - 2018. September 14., Friday
Why run for Council – Interview with Anne-Sophie Damelincourt

ESOMAR interviews Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, ESOMAR Council Member 2015-2016; 2017-2018

Why run for Council - Interview with Anne-Sophie Damelincourt

What motivated you to run for ESOMAR Council?

I have been an active ESOMAR member for 10 years and ESOMAR has always been a great support to develop my international network and also from a content perspective.
More recently given the evolving and very challenging landscape that our Industry and Profession were facing, running for ESOMAR Council in 2015 was a fantastic opportunity to share my vision and thoughts helping our Community to move forward from “the inside”. At the end of my first term, which has been an excited and rich experience (but so short as well!), I decided to run for a second term in order to continue the very ambitious strategy we had implemented.

What was the most pleasant surprise you got, from being on Council?
I got many pleasant surprises! We have worked with a highly motivated and bright Council team as well as ESOMAR staff, Representatives and local Associations to solve some big challenges and to make things happen (the New Code, new audiences with Young/Buyers/Data & Analytics players, Esomar+ / GDPR, …). Beyond, this experience has also been such a rich human story with diversity and respect as watchwords.

Would you recommend it and why?
I do, of course, I think that each of us as an ESOMAR Member and as an Insight & Analytics actor can play an active role in our Community to promote, to support and to preserve our Industry and our Values.

How would you address people thinking of running for ESOMAR Council?
The key things to me are motivation and engagement. So, if you are motivated and engaged to help ESOMAR, our Members and our Industry being the Leading Global Voice of the Data, Research & Insights Community, please send your application before September 17th 2018 to be part of adventure!

Apply here. 

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